What do you get when two engineers, a musician, and an artist are admitted to the bar? Baker Donelson’s seriously multi-talented intellectual property practice and insightful bloggers on IP issues of importance to their clients in science, technology,  healthcare, education, media and the arts.

Intellectual property  has many facets and means different things to artists, musicians, engineers and scientists, all of whom, like it or not, are in business. The goal of our blog is to keep all types of creative thinkers up to date on the intellectual property issues that impact the business of creativity.

Our backgrounds provide insight to our blog postings and add value to our client services.  An electrical engineer, Roy Craig designed nuclear and aircraft controls and software; for the past two decades  he’s represented tech companies as well as the US Navy and NASA (sometimes it is rocket science).  Trained as a chemical engineer, Emily Billig spent time working as an examiner at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office in the electrical engineering section before attending law school. Former professional musician and record producer Scott Johnson has received many awards for his leadership in the arts, including the Leadership in Law Award from The Daily Record in 2013 for working to restore our film crew base in Maryland by a  film incentive program in Maryland, the Golden Formstone Award, from the Creative Alliance, 2012, for his leadership of numerous organizations serving the arts community and for his service as immediate-past Chair of the Maryland State Arts Council, and the 2011 Sue Hess Maryland Arts Advocate Award for his work as Chair of the Maryland State Arts Council (2008-2010) and as co-founder of the Maryland Film Industry Coalition.  Cynthia Sanders draws on the rapid prototyping skills gained in  art college and her experience as a performance artist and designer to craft creative solutions for her advertising, healthcare, tech, and social media clients.