Are You Smarter Than A First Year IP Law Student?

The US Patent and Trademark Office wants to know. In conjunction with the National Institutes of Standards and Technology, the USPTO is offering an online “Intellectual Property Awareness Assessment”, e.g., a pop-quiz designed to test your IP acumen.
The quiz is 62 questions long, takes 20-30 minutes, and covers several basic IP categories:
• Trademarks
• Copyrights
• Design Patents
• Trade Secrets
• Utility Patents
• Using Technology of Others
• Licensing Technology to Others
• International IP Rights
The survey-like questions are pretty basic, such as “Do you provide training to your employees to help them identify inventions they or their colleagues make?” Results are provided, and remedial training materials are available in case you slept through your first-year law classes. Over-achievers shouldn’t expect advanced questions on plant patents, semiconductor chip protection, vessel hull design protection, etc., and under-achievers can probably get by on pure instinct. Nevertheless, I applaud the nice outreach effort by the USPTO/NIST, and the metrics should provide needed feedback as to whether they are passing/failing their own mission statement which includes “delivering intellectual property information and education worldwide.”