Evil MegaUpload is Down, so too ProtectIP and SOPA?

Rupert Murdock TweetRupert Murdock’s tweets do not seem to have convinced Google or anyone else in the tech community to support SOPA and/or ProtectIP.  Last night however, FBI agents working with New Zealand authorities claim to have “shutdown” Megaupload.com. Despite cyberattacks by Anonymous that briefly took down the DOJ, MPAA, RIAA and Universal Music Group websites last night, megaupload.com still can’t resolve to a website today.   If the SOPA Blackout didn’t work to stop SOPA, USA-NZ team work appears to have clinched the win for the Internet. Representative Lamar Smith delayed vote on SOPA last night and Senator Harry Reid just announced that he would delaying consideration of ProtectIP.