Google/Facebook/Twitter Blackout to protest SOPA?

Does anyone care what actual consumers want anymore?  The Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) would allow large entertainment and media companies to have ISPs block “foreign” websites that host or display allegedly copyright-infringing materials.  The technology community claims that SOPA, if made law, will end the Internet as we now know it. To illustrate their point,  Wikipedia, Google, Facebook and Twitter are considering a coordinated shutdown of their websites…Wow. I am not a proponent of SOPA, but the combined cloud of these social media giants turning the lights out swings some mighty clout.  The amount of ad revenue lost that day would be a serious problem as it trickles down to ordinary businesses.  It could mark the end of nation states and the start of corporation states.  Okay, a bit dramatic perhaps, but the so-called Google blackout will certainly demonstrate that we may have more to fear from the big social media companies controlling our lives than pirates or China.