Undressing Online: Managing User Privacy in an Interactive World

Speakers Kashmir Hill, David Hale, Josh Freemire and Moderator Al Yukna

The evolution of digital and social marketing makes it easier than ever for agencies and marketers to target consumers. But there are gaping legal pitfalls. Because of lax or downright misleading privacy policies, some of the largest online players – including Facebook, Twitter and Google – have bull’s-eyes on their backs; and the Federal Trade Commission is taking aim.

So, how can agencies and marketers stay out of the FTC’s crosshairs?  Join the AAF Baltimore and Ober|Kaler on Wednesday, January 18, 2012, for a panel discussion featuring some of the most respected privacy experts in the industry. We’ll explore the risks associated with digital advertising and mobile technology. And we’ll talk about how electronic medical and financial data is used in marketing—legally and illegally.  It’s not just tech companies that have something to worry about, many healthcare businesses sell  …

certain pieces of patient data to marketers while others struggle to protect patient information that’s often stored on mobile devices for easy retrieval. And financial institutions? It seems every day there’s another story about hackers stealing customer credit card numbers. Alexei “Al” Yukna, Chief Digital Officer at GKV, will moderate the discussion featuring:

  • Kashmir Hill, Staff Writer, Forbes –Kashmirchronicles the intersection of law, technology, social media and our personal information in her Forbes.com blog “Not-So-PrivateParts.”
  • David R. Hale, Chief Privacy Counsel, TD Ameritrade – A privacy and intellectual property lawyer, David’s work spans multiple disciplines including developing strong brands, safeguarding intellectual capital, and protecting customer privacy.
  • Joshua J. Freemire, Attorney, Ober|Kaler’s Health Law Group – Joshua advises health care providers on issues related to health care information technology, including compliance with state and federal privacy laws.