A Hater’s Guide to Golan v. Holder

Photo by dbkingAt first I hated the idea of restoring copyrights in public domain works.  This week the US Supreme Court heard arguments in Golan v. Holder taking me back to when Section 514 was first implemented. I hated the idea even though I am pro-copyright.  I hated the idea despite my feeling that on some level it righted wrongs suffered by authors whose copyrights were forfeited due to an inadvertent failure to comply with a US copyright “formality”.  A faulty copyright notice or failure to make a certain filing in the US  Copyright Office could propel the foreign author’s work into theUS public domain, although no such formality existed in the author’s home country.  I hated restoration because it undermined confidence in the permanence of the public domain, something I firmly believed was and should remain “black letter law.”   I guess I was a hater…


Heavy Seas- a delicious case study

I just read Baltimore homeboy Hugh Sisson’s interview in this week’s Baltimore City Paper. His tale of two branding strategies is a great case study. And it reminded me how much I admire Hugh’s agile navigation when the business changed.

My first studio with D.S.Bakker was the old Sanitary Laundry (now sadly gone) at 2703 Sisson Street. The neighborhood bar was Piney’s Tavern. It had about three different beers. At the time, Piney’s “more upper beer” was Michelob Light.  Now I know this was about when old man Sisson tossed the keys to his bar to Hugh heralding the era of local beers in Baltimore.